About Panda

aka Paul and Amy Thomas

One day in 2011, Paul and Amy had a radical thought,

“What if we worked together on our own creative material instead of trying to establish two separate careers working for other people?”

Thus, Tinted Lantern was born.

At its core, Tinted Lantern is a creative partnership between a writer and a visual artist who share a passion for great storytelling. But creative partnerships do not thrive on passion alone. They require open communication, mutual respect, artistic trust, and a fundamental creative directive that each individual believes in and adheres to no matter what. Our directive is simple: If it doesn’t serve the story, it doesn’t belong.

It’s a ruthless concept to uphold at times. Every artist struggles with attachment to those moments in a narrative that carry intense personal meaning. But those moments are often the ones that end up being the least in service to the story. Some of the most searing personal images, ideas, or bits of dialogue may simply never quite translate to anyone outside of your own head. They’ll have to go, but you’re going to need help steadying the hatchet. That’s what creative partnership is all about, and that’s why Tinted Lantern exists.

No detail is too small for us to consider in this process. From props to speech patterns, camera angles to costumes, it all has to mean something to character, plot, or theme development. Because a great story is like a dream you cannot forget. It’s a spell that transports you outside of your own reality and allows you to imagine a different way of being. A great story can change you, influence the person you will become and the way you choose to live your life.

At Tinted Lantern, great stories are the only stories we want to tell. Stories that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, think, and become more than you were before. Crafting and producing such stories can be a slow process at times, but we believe that anything less isn’t worth the effort. So stay with us, we promise to make it worth your while.

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If you have a serious interest in pursuing a production or distribution partnership with Tinted Lantern on one or more of our projects, we’d be happy to schedule an exploratory discussion with you.

Please email a general inquiry to us at contact@tintedlantern.com to begin the process. Please include your name, the company or individual you represent, a website address if you have one, and a contact phone number within your inquiry.

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