Featured Reel

Test Visuals and Sound Design for N-Squared

One of the projects we have in pre-production this year is an animated space-adventure series for kids called N-Squared. The idea for this series was born out of our enduring affection for the classic coming-of-age/adventure films we both grew up with. Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, The Goonies, Stand By Me, and Back to the Future each inspired us with a sense of wonder, excitement, and limitless possibility when we were kids. N-Squared was created out of our desire to provide that same experience for a new generation by presenting similar themes in a more modern context.

This reel contains several test sequences Paul has been working on for N-Squared over the last few months. We’ve cut and edited the highlights together with some sound and music to give you a quick sneak peak at just a few of ideas we’re kicking around in pre-vis right now.

N-Squared Test Reel Credits

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Paul and Amy Thomas
Animation and Post-Production Visual Effects: Paul Thomas
Studio Recording, Music, and Sound Effects: Amy Thomas
Voice of Computer: Amy Thomas
Copyright: N-Squared Test Reel © 2014 Tinted Lantern, Inc. All rights reserved.

Production Software and Equipment

Animation Production Software: Animate Pro 2
Post-Production Transitions, Effects, and Conversion: Final Cut Pro X
Recording Equipment: Sony PCM-M10 Recorder
Sound Editing and Production Software: Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live; Final Cut Pro X
Music Production Software: Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live